ONE of the UK’s leading poultry firms with a Herefordshire heritage dating back to the 1960s is supporting this year’s Three Counties Farming Awards.

Avara Foods, which formed in 2018 as a joint venture between UK fresh poultry firm Cargill, which had a large factory in Hereford, and private fresh poultry business Faccenda, has joined the sponsors for the second round of the awards.

The poultry giant may be new but its executives say they are building on the experience and expertise gained from five decades of industry service.

“Being a new, fast-growing, ambitious business doesn’t mean losing touch with our core values. In fact, our responsibility to make a positive impact only gets bigger as we grow.

“We’re passionate about doing things sustainably and ethically and the wellbeing of our animals, people and community comes first, always,” says Avara.

Avara supplies chicken, turkey and duck to supermarket and restaurant chains, and manages every part of the supply chain from feed mills and farms through to processing, packing and distribution.

Awards up for grabs celebrate the region’s iconic fruit, hop and cattle farming as well as sheep, pig, poultry and arable farmers and enterprises that stand out for their conservation practices.

The popular family run farm, young farmer, farming hero and farming contractor categories have all returned for 2020, as well as an award for outstanding achievement.

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