A rush-hour fault on a key set of traffic lights in Hereford has failed to bring roads chaos.

In fact, it appears the reverse has happened. Vehicles are flowing freely around Steels roundabout, where Edgar Street and the A438 meet in the city centre.

One driver even said his journey home was quicker than ever!

Another, Mike King, said: "We've been on about this for years, but it falls on deaf ears.

"Well, maybe this will wake the council up to the fact that lights only stop traffic."

Ben Roberts tweeted: "I can't remember the last time I got home so quickly. Coincidence?"

He said a journey that normally took him 40 minutes, today took only 25.

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In August last year we reported that Herefordshire Council was considering running trials in which they would switch off the lights at the Asda and Tesco (Steels) roundabouts.

Infrastructure and transport chief John Harrington said he had approached Highways England, which is responsible for the A49, and said they were up for a discussions on issues affecting the road.

“One of the things we can do to ease congestion is take traffic lights out in Herefordshire,” he said at the time.

“It’s potentially a simple thing to do and the political will is there."

Coun Harrington said the traffic movements along the A49 through Hereford have remained roughly the same over the last 10 years.