HEREFORDSHIRE councillors went against professional advice last week and rejected two separate proposals for homes in Welsh Newton.

Hilary Boughton wanted permission to build two new four bed houses at Steepways and another at Woodside Stables on Welsh Newton Common.

Council officers had recommended approving the scheme and said the benefits outweighed any impacts from the new housing.

However, both proposals were met with some 40 and 17 objections from residents respectively.

Sue Parkinson, one of many objectors who attended the meeting at Shirehall, said: “We ask you to refuse permission for these houses.

“The application is contrary to the local neighbourhood plan due to the size of the properties and it does not respect local character, biodiversity or environment.”

She also said the parish had already exceeded its quota for new housing and the proposal for executive style houses was not in keeping with the village.

“There have never been three large four bed homes built on the common all at once.

“This is the last chance we have to prevent irreparable harm being done to the community.”

Ward councillor Elissa Swinglehurst said the scheme had provoked a high level of objection from local people.

“It would have a severe impact on the local road network particularly in light of the application for a single dwelling close by,” she said.

The planning committee voted unanimously to reject both plans.