Tourism businesses in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley are hoping to welcome more visitors in search of the main locations used in the filming of the hit Netflix drama, Sex Education.

Following Season Two’s release last Friday, January 17, the destination continues to play a starring role throughout the series.

The picturesque River Wye also featuring in the main publicity mural used to announce the TV show’s return and subsequently in all promotional posters going up in locations up and down the country, as well as in the USA beyond.

Helen O’Kane, co-chair of Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Tourism said: “We are no strangers to screen tourism having benefitted from the attention gained from blockbuster films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and King Arthur over the years. Location managers seem to be drawn to our diverse landscapes, accessibility and the fact we are still perceived as something of a hidden gem.”

She added: “Our members are really hoping that the beauty of the region will continue to shine through in the latest series and really motivate more visitors to seek us out. Where else can you explore one of Britain’s most ancient forests, zipline over a flooded quarry, explore ancient underground caverns and paddle down a meandering river crossing counties and countries?”

Chris Rollinson, proprietor of the Saracens Head, the gastro pub located at Symonds Yat, said: "We can’t wait for a new wave of interest from this next series. We’ve been totally blown away by the number of people coming to the Saracens Head and explaining they are here because of Sex Education. They usually want to know if we have had the main stars of the show in the pub, and how they can get the best selfie with the chalet in the background!”

Season One saw the area used regularly including locations such as Tintern, and one of the most striking locations was the distinctive red and white house known as The Chalet, which overlooks Symonds Yat.