I understand from a recent article in the Hereford Times that a decision will be made shortly on the Hereford bypass.

I would like to pose a few questions that our councillors should answer before making their decision.

1. Are they prepared to resolve the frequent gridlocks in Hereford city centre?

2. Are they aware that stationary and stop-start traffic through the city creates more pollution that would a free-flowing bypass?

3. Are they aware that the satnav route from south Shropshire and north west Herefordshire to all parts of the West Country is via Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Newport and the Severn Bridge?

4. Are they aware that any proposal of electric buses/light railways would be a no benefit for many in the rural areas who currently have no buses of any sort and have to rely on the car to access Hereford? Are the controlling group on the council solely city orientated?

5.  Are they aware that buses and light railways will not remove the significant number of goods vehicles passing through the centre of the city?

6. Are they aware that any proposal to remove traffic lights would put the lives of the visually impaired at risk as they rely on light-controlled crossings to safely cross our busy roads?

7. Is the leader of the controlling group on Herefordshire Council going to stand up to the small number of Greens who dictate policy (as they are needed to maintain his majority in the council chamber), and make the decision that the evidence supports and give both the residents of Hereford and the wider population of Herefordshire the long-overdue Hereford bypass? 

Terry Moore

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