WHEN will football clubs start to realise that for them to grow fans need to be at the forefront of every decision?

Those hardy Hereford fans who made the 220-mile round trip to Kettering last Saturday to not even see a ball kicked won’t be hurrying back to the Northamptonshire club in a hurry.

The Poppies postponed their match the previous Tuesday against Brackley due to flooding on their pitch. So why wasn’t a thorough inspection carried out prior to Hereford fans making the more-than-two-hour drive across the country on Saturday?

To turn up and find a pitch that wouldn’t have passed Herefordshire County League standard, was nothing short of a shambles.

Those who made the journey could have spent their Saturday instead watching football in the comfort of their own homes.

So how many of them will want to make the same journey, on a Tuesday night, in the coming weeks with the same uncertainty?

If Kettering thought that pitch was playable then the National League North need to have words and someone independent needs to check their playing surface on a weekly basis.

Tony Green

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