A WIFE who is helping her husband fight incurable cancer said it was “deflating” when they found out just before Christmas a tumour on his lung had grown.

The couple, who live near Bromyard, are focussed on keeping Jez Roberts, 25, fit and healthy despite a rare type of soft tissue cancer that has returned.

A shadow on his lung was detected by a routine scan in September 2019, and further tests revealed the cancer, synovial sarcoma, had spread to his lung, spine, sternum and shoulder.

Along with his wife Jessi, 27, he has been fundraising to help with the cost of treatment which isn’t available on the NHS, as well as travel and accommodation costs to Southmead Hospital, Bristol and The Royal Marsden, London.

The crowdfunding effort was boosted with an anonymous £5,000 donation on Christmas day, and a dinner and dance event at Bromyard Rugby Club earlier this month raised a further £2,662.

It means the couple are now within touching distance of their £25,000 target to help pay for Jez to undergo radiotherapy.

Mrs Roberts-Harris, who lives in Edwyn Ralph, said: “Jez’s oncologist has said that we can now pursue SABR radiotherapy which we have to fund privately as the NHS will only fund it if you have three lesions or less. Jez has five.

“We should know in the next couple of weeks when he can start the SABR treatment and how many sessions he should need.”

“We are waiting on his latest PET scan results as the team at Southmead want to see what his lesions are up to before going ahead and to check if there are any others that were missed.

Mrs Roberts-Harris added that before Christmas, despite the news the lung lesion had grown slightly, his bone lesions were stable and the oncologist is “really positive” about the radiotherapy.

“All our focus right now is keeping Jez as fit and healthy as possible and fundraising to raise as much money as we can,” she said.

“We are so grateful to everyone who have organized events for Jez and have donated. Especially to the incredibly kind stranger who donated £5,000 on Christmas Day.

“Jez is still taking the cannabis oils and various supplements which he will continue to use for the foreseeable future.”

For more information or to donate visit bit.ly/3aFmVdz