Do it yourself gritting in Ledbury’s side streets will remain a reality for local residents during icy weather, but extra grit bins might be provided for this purpose.

The issue came to light at last week’s full town council meeting, when a proposal by Cllr Matthew Eakin, concerning gritting “in and around Biddulph Way” in particular was debated.

Cllr Eakin’s motion said: “Due to concerns from residents I would ask that the Town Council make representations to Herefordshire Council and any other appropriate bodies to expand the treatment of roads in icy conditions, to include the area in and around Biddulph Way. “

But town and county councillor, Liz Harvey, told the meeting: “The county council does grit the main thoroughfares, but it does not have the resources to go up every cul-de-sac.”

Cllr Harvey said that a steep road like Jubilee Close, off Biddulph Way, could pose problems for elderly residents in particular, who may wish to put down grit from one of the existing bins, but may not be able to do so.

She said: “It is important to put grit down for our neighbours, and to make sure everyone is alright. I just think it’s one of those community things. But if an extra grit bin is required up there, please make a proposal.”

The idea is that the town council would be able to fund an extra bin, with gritting salt provided by Herefordshire Council.

The town council does have a supply of gritting salt, provided by Herefordshire Council, at the town cemetery off New Street.

In 2018, the town council looked into buying 33 extra grit bins for the town, but this is yet to happen.

Cllr Harvey said the idea of extra grit bins: “We need to be very clear where the grit bins are going to go, and if we are going to pay for one, we need to say where to place it.”

Ledbury does have a number of existing grit bins on local streets, with the salt provided by Herefordshire Council.

But it appears to be not at all widely known that the grits bins are actually there for public use, as and when required during icy conditions.

At the meeting, which took place in Ledbury Town Council’s panelled room, the deputy mayor, Dan Vesma said of existing grit bins in Ledbury: “I presumed the bins were there for official use, but in fact they are public grit bins.”