A MAN shouted racial abuse at police station staff after he was arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour, a court has heard.

Clint Richard Haines, 37, of Sufton Lane, Mordiford, admitted being drunk and disorderly and using racially aggravated and abusive language when he appeared before magistrates on February 5.

Prosecutor Emily Clewer said Haines had approached police outside The Kerry on Commercial Road, Hereford, just before 2am on January 19.

"He was drunk and wanted to talk to the police about damage that had been caused to his car," Ms Clewer said.

"He was told to call 101, but he became aggressive, swearing and calling police names."

Haines was arrested and taken into custody, where he became racially abusive towards detention officer Sean Lashley.

The court heard Haines told Mr Lashley to "shut up, you black prick, and get me someone who is English, you foreigner".

Emma Thorne, for Haines, said he had a limited criminal record, and had not gone out drinking in Hereford for as long as he could remember.

But, the court heard, he had decided to go out and socialise after his 20-year relationship broke down, leaving him living in a caravan on his parents' drive.

"He met with some friends, and had a fun evening," Mrs Thorne said.

"But then a friend called him to say the windscreen of his pick-up had been smashed. He spoke to the police officers, and was told to report it on 101. He was upset about that, because he wanted it dealt with there and then."

Mrs Thorne said Haines had "lost his head" while in custody, and was disgusted with what he had said.

The court heard Haines had suffered a significant brain injury in a car crash in 2001, and had been entirely dependent on his wife since then, finding it very difficult to adjust to his new circumstances.

Haines was handed an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mr Lashley. He must also pay costs of £100 and a £21 victim surcharge.