LEDBURY Primary School youngster, Abi Smith, aged nine, is certainly setting a shining example when it comes to charity fund-raising in the community.

She simply loves to help local good causes, and it’s not just a recent aim.

Last year she donated vegetables grown at her own allotment to St Michael’s Hospice and, having visited the hospice, she decided to do even more, and has organised a raffle.

Her mum, Tanya said: “We are so proud of Abi. She is totally amazing. Some of you may also remember Abi displaying her pumpkins in the Raft clothing shop and the Market House Cafe, and raising funds for charity.

“Well she’s at it again; she’s holding a raffle for St Michael’s Hospice at the end of March and she asked the Market House Cafe in the town centre to be involved.”

She added: “Abi has received lots of generous donations, from Argos, Boots, Isaac’s, Elements, Pacific Dove, Juice and lots more. Abi is very passionate about what she is doing; it means a lot to her.”

She plans to continue growing her vegetables for St Michael’s Hospice and has many other ideas in the pipeline.

Abi’s fund-raising adventures started in 2018, and led directly from her long-standing passion for gardening.

Abi has always loved growing pumpkins for Halloween, but now she likes helping out charities and good causes even more.

She developed the pumpkin-growing habit when she was only three, and she even has her own thriving allotment at Gorsley.

Her first pumpkin display, in 2018 in the Raft clothing shop, raised over £30 through donations to another charity close to her heart, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

Now, through the raffle, she hope to raise at least £100, for St Michael’s Hospice.

Mrs Smith said: “Abi would like to say thank you to all the local business in town for all the support; it means a lot to her and it’s all been amazing.

“Abi is still looking for more raffle prize, and so if anyone could help her with a prize that would be amazing, and she would be very grateful.”

Prizes can be from a family or individual or business, and they can be dropped off at the Market House Cafe.

Tickets for the raffle are available from the Market House Cafe or Ledbury Primary School.