DEVELOPERS want to build up to 46 homes in a village near Hereford.

Land Allocations Ltd have submitted new plans to develop 7.33 acres of field on land north of Southbank in Withington.

Previous plans to build up to 52 houses on the field were rejected because the site lies outside the village boundary and would have poor transport connections.

The proposed housing development also sits within the River Lugg subcatchment which is failing in terms of phosphate levels in the water.

However, Matthew Mortonson, a planning consultant working on the scheme, says these issues have now been addressed.

“The scheme has been appropriately revised to address the previous reasons for refusal including the provision of a revised layout and access arrangement, a reduction in the total number of dwellings to 46, off-site highway improvement works to improve accessibility and the production of a Habitats Regulations Assessment,” he said.

Architects working on the scheme say the site is envisaged to be made up of two-storey homes and 1.5 storey bungalows.

“It is expected that the proposed development will provide for a mixture of housing to reflect the housing needs within the locality,” the plans read.

Residents have until March 12 to comment on the proposals which are expected to be considered by May 7.