ROSS Sports Centre have set-up a Just Giving page to help raise vital fund while they try and save the community building following Storm Dennis.

While the full extent of the flood damage is unknown the centre fear that the best case scenario could see the building closed for six months while it dries out.

The building is used by Ross Juniors, Ross-on-Wye Cricket Club and Ross Parkrun.

The money raised will be used to pay bills while vital work is carried out before it can re-open to the public.

In a statement Ross Juniors Football Club said: “The situation following this week’s flood is now far worse than originally thought, and the future of the Ross Sports Centre is in serious jeopardy.

“The insurers of the Ross Sports Centre building have assessed the damage and believe its current condition poses “unacceptable risks”, both for health and safety reasons, due to the ‘dark water’ which entered the building, and structurally.

“While we hope to have some access to the changing rooms in two weeks, it means we are now unable to use the rest of the building, and there’s no clear timescale on when we will.

“The full extent of the damage can’t be assessed until it’s professionally disinfected and fully dried out. This will take some time.

“The worst-case scenario is that the building is condemned, and we would have to work with insurers and our landlords, Herefordshire Council, to identify the way forward.

“The best case is that, after drying out, the building is fine and cosmetic repairs are minimal. However, this could still take up to six months.

“During this period, we can still use the football pitches. So, once they’re dry, we can resume playing matches and we’re working on contingencies to ensure our tournament goes ahead in June.

“However, the Community Interest Company which operates the sports centre cannot afford to be closed for this length of time.

“While the building is closed, there are still bills to pay but there is no magic pot of money to keep it going.

“Basically, no income means no sports centre and several revenue generating events due to be hosted at the sports centre, including the comedy night, have been cancelled.

“If the bills stack too high before the sports centre can re-open it will have to be wound up, and at that point the football club will have no access to the building at all, regardless of the outcome of the building survey.

“In light of this, the fundraising on our Just Giving page is now vital to the future of Ross Sports Centre.

“Over the years, our coaches and volunteers have given so much to the local community to provide a fun football experience to thousands of children.

“Please help us to continue to do so by donating or sharing our Just Giving page

“Thank you to the many people who have offered support and to join us for our clear up at Ross Sports Centre on Saturday. We look forward to welcoming you and your help is much needed."