A SWORD collector has appeared before magistrates after he was caught carrying one of the weapons in a residential street.

Scott Austin Bryant, 26, admitted possessing a blade in a public place without lawful authority at Hereford Magistrates Court on February 5.

The court heard that Bryant had been caught with the sword in Oatleys Terrace, Ledbury, on August 29 after a row at home.

Prosecutor Emily Clewer said he had taken it out from a cupboard at his home, put it in his clothes and left for his grandparents' house.

"He said he felt suicidal when he took the sword," Ms Clewer said.

"He sat in the garden, and when police arrived, they took the sword from him."

Phillip Cornell, for Bryant, who now lives in Worcester Street, Gloucester, said he had only lived 100 yards away from his grandparents at the time.

"He collects swords, and at home this is not a problem, but it was here because he was in a public place with it," Mr Cornell said.

The court heard that Bryant was suffering from depression, and had been going through a difficult patch following problems in his relationship.

Bryant received a 12-month community order and 100 hours unpaid work, and must pay costs of £100 and a £90 victim surcharge. Magistrates ordered the sword to forfeited and destroyed.