HEREFORDSHIRE Council leaders will consider proposals on Thursday (February 27) to save £155,000 a year by vacating Nelson House in Hereford by the end of September.

The move forms part of a project to deliver better ways of working which could see more council staff working from home and the market towns.

The council hopes to make the yearly saving and change how staff work, if cabinet decides to serve its notice to leave the building on Whitecross road.

In turn, council leaders are expected to spend up to £850,000 to bring about the new ways of working.

Their intention is to reduce expenditure of back office costs to continue to support frontline services.

“As well as consolidating spaces based on cost saving, the purpose is the creation of a flexible, modern working environment that can have a positive impact on service delivery and staff morale,” the council report reads.

“Also, open plan and shared spaces support opportunities for collaborative working can aid communication. With reducing the number of sites the on-going use and cost of utilities can lessen and through encouraging the use of multi-agency offices in the market towns and home working reduces employees carbon footprint, including congestion into Hereford.”

The council also has access to multi agency offices in the market towns as well as the council’s main buildings such as Plough Lane and Elgar House.

These offices will allow staff to work more locally. The council has also invested in technology so workers will also have the option for flexible working from home when it suits the council’s requirements.

“The position of multi agency offices in different parts of Herefordshire also recognises that the council operates services covering the whole of the county, hence being visible and being aware of community issues in rural areas and market towns. These are also supported by locality offices for specific teams in north and south of the county,” the report says.