NOBODY in Ledbury should be feeling isolated and vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to a support group for the town.

Ledbury Covid-19 Support Group, which already has over 1,300 members and 10,400 engagements on its Facebook site, is helping vulnerable people cope during the crisis, through selfless action such as getting in shopping and medicines.

The group plans to continue helping others, despite the tight new government ‘lockdown’ restrictions, by being careful.

One of of the organisers, Katie Sysum said: “Currently we are carrying on as the new government restrictions allow individuals to go out to help vulnerable people. Without us, these people would be unnecessarily exposed to potential covid infections.

“We are working closely with the council, Ledbury Foodbank and Community Action Ledbury behind the scenes in order to deliver a more robust volunteer service. We have however asked for volunteers to take as few trips out as possible, limiting their time away from home, and to adhere to government guidance.”

So how effective has the group’s plan been, to have the town totally covered?

Volunteer Destiny Dawe said: “I got invited to the Ledbury Covid-19 Support Group on Facebook and saw they were doing ‘I can help cards’ which could be filled out and put through people’s doors.

“You could print them yourself, to fill out with your name address and contact number as well as ticking the boxes of the things you could do for those in self-isolation - whether that be collecting prescriptions, grabbing shopping for them, posting a letter or even if it’s just a chat on the phone.”

She added: “I have sent out over 80 of these cards down roads including Birch Close, Elmsdale Road, Queens Court and Woodleigh Close. These are areas of Ledbury in which I know has elderly in which may struggle to get out during these times. Almost every day the Facebook group is updated with the roads in which have been covered and almost every road and house in Ledbury now should have hopefully received a card from someone.”

Miss Dawe added: “ Since doing this I have already done a lovely lady’s shopping for her which I left at her door, she was so grateful and couldn’t believe there were people out here doing this for free.

“I also had a phone call from a lady saying thank you and she may use me in the near future. I’ve also received two letters to say thank you and that they are okay for support but wanted to say how much they appreciated the community of Ledbury coming together and helping out those that may need it.

“I’m willing to help everyone who potentially needs it. I am a local performer and choreographer so have lost all my work for the next few months as well as my day job in a coffee shop so would love to use my free time wisely and be able to help those who need it.”

Katie added that people can call the telephone number on a letter they will receive from the council, or Community Action Ledbury, if they haven't had an 'I can help' card yet.