A TAKEAWAY delivery driver is urging people to consider whether their order is essential before putting others at risk.

The Domino’s Pizza worker claims that 90 per cent of the current orders are non-essential but are putting workers and their families at risk of the coronavirus.

“As a country we’re having to plan and adapt to this and figure out what is essential and what is not,” said the Hereford delivery driver who doesn’t want to be named.

“Me and my colleagues are finding it frustrating during our four or five-hour shifts each evening. We don’t know how really essential it is, for example to order ten chicken wings. For this order a delivery driver had to climb up eight flights of stairs and put themselves at risk.

“I see Domino’s as a luxury food item and you could go and buy 10 frozen pizzas from the supermarket for a similar price.

“During my last shift I would say that 90 per cent of the deliveries I did were from people ordering out of habit.

“They have not considered that it means three people working in the kitchen to get the food prepared.

“No doubt we should be delivering to the NHS workers and those sick and in isolation but not 90 per cent of current customers ordering some chicken wings or one pizza.

“People need to be made aware that there are around 30 employees are putting themselves at risk and all going back to their families.

“There are staff working there who are living with relatives who suffer from asthma and are terrified.

“If all pizza takeaways closed people would find food elsewhere.”

Domino’s have introduced measure to try and limit contact between customers and the delivery drivers.

However, customers aren’t always following the procedure in place.

“There is supposed to be a contact free delivery where you go to the front door put the box down and walk away before calling the customer to let them know it’s there,” added the delivery driver.

“However, most of the people as we’re walking up to the door are answering the door.”

Despite the fear of being exposed to the coronavirus, workers are unsure of the alternatives due to the majority being on zero hours contracts.

In response Domino's said they have reassurance from the government that food delivery businesses can remain open.

A spokesman said: "Our priority is the safety of our colleagues and customers, and we have implemented several additional measures to ensure we are following government guidelines.

"Domino’s stores are operating as contact free delivery only and we have stopped our collection service. We have also increased sanitisation and handwashing and have stopped handling cash.

"We are adhering to everything the government is advising and working closely with all our stores and colleagues as well as customers to ensure we can ensure pizza continues flowing in communities across the UK."