A VEHICLE from Hereford was turned around by police more than 100 miles from the city as forces across the country crack down on people making non-essential journeys.

Officers in Pembrokeshire had been stopping cars over the bank holiday weekend to check with drivers about their journeys, with a driver from Hereford among those turned around.

Pembrokeshire Roads Policing Unit said they had also stopped a duo who had travelled from Birmingham to pick up a motorcycle on Monday (April 13).

Pembrokeshire Roads Policing Unit said: “Stop checks continuing throughout the county ensuring that only essential travel is being adhered to. You will be issued a fixed penalty notice and turned back if not.”

Shortly afterwards the officers added: “Seconds after posting the above, the driver and passenger of this vehicle have travelled from the Birmingham area to collect a motorbike.

“This is clearly not an essential journey. Fixed penalty notices issued, and vehicle turned around. #StayHomeSaveLives.”

On Friday evening, officers said in the previous 24 hours they had turned around a number of vehicles and found people making journeys from Essex, Hereford, Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol and Aberdare.