NEW mayor of Ross-on-Wye Daniel Lister says he will focus on helping the town’s youth during his tenure.

Councillor Lister replaced Coun Jane Roberts after being elected at a virtual town council meeting held over the internet on Monday.

His deputy for the year will be John Winder.

Coun Lister says he wants to get young people involved in the town council as much as possible.

“I’m going to be very youth focused,” Coun Lister said.

“The town’s future is theirs, so it would be good to build it with their ideas.

“Rather than coming up with the ideas myself with the rest of the council, I would like to get them involved in sending their ideas of how they want to see it changed.

“Youth services throughout the whole of the UK are massively underfunded.

“When I was younger, there was so much about which was funded by county council or central government. I was going to all sorts of clubs and events.

“You take the Basement Youth Trust, for instance. They have no funding from Herefordshire Council and are in very difficult times.

“They have about 50 to 60 people that go to the youth club, with paid youth workers making a real change to those who go there.

“It’s not something we can particularly change, but I will do my utmost to see what I can do.”

Coun Lister said he will reflect the majority will of the town.

“I’m very much of a person that thinks they elected us, so we are here to do what they want.”

Outgoing mayor Jane Roberts thanked all councillors and council staff for their support during the year.

“It was not at all the year I anticipated,” she said.

“We had our highs, such as the royal visit which was completely out of the blue.

“The response to Covid-19 by volunteers has been really heartwarming, but it has been very tough for a lot of people. It’s been truly dreadful to see the effect on small businesses in the town.”