THERE have been "minor acts of vandalism" at a country park in Herefordshire after the Government eased lockdown restrictions in England.

People living in England are now allowed to take unlimited exercise and are allowed to travel to do so.

In response to this, Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum, on the A49 between Leominster and Hereford, opened one of their car parks. One remained closed to control visitor numbers and ensure social distancing rules could easily be adhered to by visitors.

But a spokesperson for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, which manages the park, said it appeared this was forced open and damaged was caused to the barrier and lock.

"We have kept the toilets, playground and visitor centre closed as it would be extremely hard to manage these facilities in line with government advice on social distancing," they said.

"We do want visitors to feel welcome at Queenswood but it is even more important that people can visit safely. We are grateful that the vast majority of visitors are complying with government advice when they visit and supporting our work to keep the site safe and tidy.

"There have sadly been some minor acts of vandalism. Staff are on site regularly but please do let us know if you see any antisocial or illegal behaviour."

The spokesperson added that while only minor, they do not want to see any vandalism.