TRADERS are pleased to open their doors again, as rules are relaxed after a three month Government-enforced lockdown.

All shops in England are allowed to reopen from today (June 15) but strict measures on health and safety have been put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tony Isaacs of Isaacs Shoes and Accessories in The Homend said: "It's been going well - people have spent money but it's early days.

"A couple travelled all the way from Gloucester to buy Crocs as they said they couldn't get any closer to where they live.

"A Malvern couple came here as they thought going to Worcester or Malvern would be too busy at the moment."

Georgina Hawkins from Tanzanite Jewellery Ltd, in The Homend, said: "It feels a bit odd being open again, but during the shop closure, we focused more on the website and sorting that out.

"We've had great support with the supply of stickers for the shop and training on what to do in terms of keeping everyone safe.

"We've spent the last four days cleaning the shop to get it up and running for today and I know many other traders have done the same - it's great to be open again."

No queues have been reported in Ledbury when the shops opened this morning.