YOUNG farmers have a huge role to play in the county, from organising social and fundraising events as part of their clubs, but also their hard work farms.

The Hereford Times is running its Farming Awards once again this year, with the aim of highlighting the hard work of farmers across the Three Counties.

Ellis Lee is one of several nominations received for the Young Farmer of the Year award, with the 24-year-old praised by Belmont Farm and Equine Vets for his contribution to Merrivale Farm in Aconbury, near Hereford. Mr Lee has worked at Merrivale since he was 13.

“Ellis is an outstanding young farmer who is an integral part of the team at Merrivale Farm, a diary herd owned by the Masons at Aconbury,” the vets said.

“Ellis’s attention to detail and excellent individual cow care has been a major part in allowing the herd to move to a zero antibiotic use and continue excellent cow welfare.

“Whenever a cows history is needed, Ellis will have the details to hand without the need to check back to the records.”

Other nominations in the Young Farmer of the Year category also include Harper Adams university graduate Imi Manning who, after spending 12 months living and working in New Zealand, has returned to the family farm in Castle Frome, near Ledbury.

If you know someone like Ellis or Imi who deserves to be recognise for their work in the farming industry, you can nominate them online now.

For more information and to nominate yourself, or someone else, visit

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