HEREFORD FC manager Josh Gowling says that his retained list from last season has now been finalised with seven of last season’s squad re-signed.

Brandon Hall, Lenell John-Lewis, Tom Owen-Evans, Jared Hodgkiss, Ben Pollock, Kyle Finn and Demetri Brown have all been retained by the Bulls.

Added to the list are new signings Dan Jones, Paul White and Yan Klukowski.

The rest of the players have been released.

Those released include Jordan Cullinane-Liburd, Kieran Thomas, Jason Pope, Tommy O’Sullivan, Rowan Liburd, Brad Ash, Martin Riley and Rhys Davies.

Gowling said that he also wanted to keep Kelsey Mooney who was offered a deal with a Football League club and also Jacob Jagger-Cane.

Gowling told Radio Hereford FC: “We wanted Kelsey (Mooney) to stay here and develop, I think someone of his age if he goes into a Football League club now and it doesn’t work where does he go from there?

“From my point of view he would have been better off staying with us until possibly January scoring loads of goals and then it might have been different.

“I’m disappointed he has gone, but at the end of the day everybody has got aspirations of getting into the league and hats off to him, he’s had an offer and couldn’t turn that down.

“Jagger-Cane, we had agreed something and then it took too long to get done, so I decided to move on from that.

“For me the lads I sign need to want to be at the football club, they want to be here. Jagger-Cane is a fantastic character, the lads loved him. An offer was made, it was accepted and then took too long to get done.

“That’s enough for me, I’ve moved on from it. The rest of the lads through the training times and where we’re training, that sort of stuff it just didn’t fit.

“We’re looking to bring in some fresh faces, young and hungry. Also some experience to push us forward and kick on from last year.”