I am certain that I speak for the majority of residents of Fownhope with regards to the recent update on the reopening of the B4224 which it would appear will not be opening now until December of this year.

That will mean that we residents will have suffered nearly 12 months of frustration having to go through Woolhope over Broadmoor Common and finally through Mordiford if we require to shop in Hereford.

For some this alternative route is a race track and being very narrow in places there is little if any room to pass.

On several occasions, on returning from Hereford, I have had to reverse owing to HGVs despite there being clear signs that HGVs should not be using this route.

Let us just hope that the B4224 Fownhope Road will be open before December of this year and things can return to some normality.

Charles B Davies