PLANS to build two homes in a village near Hereford have been deferred subject to a landscape report.

Glen Lewis wants to build a bungalow and two-storey home on land next to Garnom, Birch Hill in Clehonger.

Alison Davies, vicechairman of Clehonger parish council, told this week’s Herefordshire Council’s planning committee that the plans went against their emerging neighbourhood development plan.

The parish council objected over concerns the scheme was outside the settlement boundary, poor visibility access to the site and overcrowding.

“The committee were very keen to ensure that no further building took place outside the decided boundaries preferring cluster developments to maintain the integrity of the village and not to have extended ribbon development.

She also said Clehonger already had double the number of houses needed by the council’s core strategy.

Another resident Karl Hastings said the homes were out of keeping with houses in the area and would ‘irreversibly detract from the areas open and idyllic scenery’.

Allensmore parish council also objected along with 12 residents – nine people wrote in support of the scheme.

But the applicant’s agent said there was nothing enshrined in planning law protecting the right to a view and that the proposals were in keeping with planning policies.

“The case officer states that this site is naturally contained site and these proposals will not result in development which projects in an unrestrained or inappropriate manner into open countryside.”

Ward councillor David Hitchiner said it was a difficult application for Clehonger which had 600 in 2011 households and is now on the brink to having another 200.

“The size of the development has grown by 35%. It’s a village that has more than contributed to the planning supply required by the county."

He said the parish had worked very hard on the emerging NDP and the plans would be outside its proposed settlement boundary.

Councillor Yolande Watson proposed deferring the application subject to a landscape assessment – this was seconded by coun Toni Fagan and was approved.