A VICTIM of an assault and attempted mugging has spoken out about how he is nervous to go outside after being attacked by a gang of youths while walking home from work. George Quinn, 20, was taking a short walk through Ledbury Recreation Ground, off Orchard Lane, in the early hours of Saturday morning, when he was set upon by a group of between 10-15 teenagers whom he suspects were under the influence of drugs or drink. Mr Quinn, who lives in Ledbury, said: I noticed when I entered, there was a group of between 10-15 teenagers hanging around by the shelter. “I took no notice but around 30 seconds later, I saw a shadow behind me and then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded. “I heard what sounded like a metal click, so I had to assume at least one of them had a knife. “It was like time stood still and one of them challenged me, asking what I had on me. “One guy punched me on the back of the head, leaving me dazed. “I carried on walking and started to run but then I was hit on my face and they tried to take my phone and back pack off me but I wasn’t letting them have either. “I grabbed the jacket of the person nearest me and put it over his head to slow him down - if my partner was here I would have fought back harder but I just wanted to get out of there quickly. “When they walked, they didn’t do it in a straight line so they must have taken something or had been drinking.” The ordeal has left Mr Quinn, who had a diagnosis of PTSD along with severe anxiety before the attack, fearful of going out, particularly at night. Mr Quinn added: “I was in a shop the other day and another customer stood next to me. I had to put my shopping down and walk out. “I’m constantly thinking ‘when is it going to happen again?’ and I have nightmares and the attack keeps getting played again and again in my mind on a constant loop. “There was no build up for the attack – it was unprovoked. “What if an old guy decided to walk through the park on the way back from the pub? He could be killed and that’s why I’m doing this story as I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.” Mr Quinn reported the assault to the police and was interviewed by an officer at his home after the attack.