THE number of people admitted to hospital in Herefordshire with coronavirus last month has been revealed in new figures.

NHS England data shows three people with Covid-19 were admitted to the Wye Valley NHS Trust in August, with the same number admitted in July.

This is significantly lower than 22 admissions between March 19 and March 31, 34 in April, 35 in May and 23 in June.

In total, between March 19 and August 31, 120 patients were admitted to the Wye Valley NHS Trust with Covid-19.

NHS England guidance on the Covid-19 hospital activity statistics says: "The collections were activated at short notice and the content of the collections has evolved as the incident has developed.

"The data collected is classified as management information. It has been collected on a daily basis with a tight turn round time.

"No revisions have been made to the dataset, where known errors have come to light trusts have made the appropriate correction in the following day’s data.

"Any analysis of the data should be undertaken with this in mind."

It adds the data is collected on a daily basis, and this publication is updated monthly.

Mechanical ventilation beds at the trust, which are used by seriously ill coronavirus patients, have been empty since July 15.

The data which shows when these beds were occupied covers from April 1 to August 31. April 5 was the day when most mechanical ventilation beds were taken, with 10 in use.

The number of beds taken by patients with coronavirus averaged just one in August, down from two in July and 14 in June.

In April, the number of coronavirus patients at the Wye Valley NHS Trust averaged at 30, which went down to 28 during May.

The graph below shows the number of coronavirus patients admitted, the average number of beds taken, and the average number on mechanical ventilators each month.

Separate data from NHS England shows the most recent coronavirus-related death at the trust happened on July 15.

The data only shows deaths where the the patient had tested positive for Covid-19.

The figures, which cover up to 4pm on Wednesday (September 16), show a total of 57 people had died at the trust after a positive Covid-19 test result.