I would first like to respond to your correspondent John Coulton’s assessment that the Old Bridge is not ‘sufficiently stable’ to support reversing the current traffic status.

Before the new bridge and M50 were constructed the old bridge carried two-way daily traffic between South Wales and the north.

This comprised heavy lorries, double decker buses and light vehicles in both directions seven days a week along with the external force of the river when in full flood mode.

I am sure that today it is still capable of carrying a few cars without compromising its structural status.

This is one of the traffic schemes that makes it apparent that the minority green loonies are running Herefordshire Council.

Council tax is contributing towards these ill-thought-out, unnecessary and impracticable green traffic schemes.

Councillor Harrington mitigates reversing their initial bad decisions by saying they have listened to the people.

The people will make their own judgement on this at the next local council elections.

I entirely agree with your correspondent John Driver’s assessment of climate change, there is equal science for and against climate change and we must not let the extremists panic us.

The green fanatics will not be content until we all live in grass houses with two goats and a vegetable patch.

Garry Cullen