I feel I have to take issue with George Thomas’s views on the new arrangements for visiting the council tips (Letters, September 17).

I find the new booking system to be convenient and easy to access.

I have made two bookings this week and made hassle-free visits to the tip on both occasions.

It is better than turning up on the day and having to fight for space on site.

My only small criticism is that the new system should have been set up during lockdown so that it was “oven ready to go” (as Boris would say) from day one of reopening.

Another small point is that on arriving on-site the person supervising should have a device for reading the code on the permit to save looking through a printed list – no doubt this will come in due course.

As for his comment about a likely increase in fly tipping, I would expect the reverse, since you cannot book a permit for outside opening hours.

Congratulations to the council for a job well done at, I suspect, a minimal cost to the council tax payer.

John Lippiatt