A MILLIONAIRE businessman who claimed he killed his lover during 'rough sex' is set to walk free after serving less than two years behind bars.

Natalie Connolly, 26, was left to bleed to death at the bottom of a flight of stairs with 40 injuries to her face and body after being attacked by her boyfriend.

Miss Connolly, from Worcestershire, died on December 17 2016, at the hands of John Broadhurst from Blakeshall Farm, Wolverley, at the couple’s then home in Kinver.

The young mum, who called Broadhurst ‘The Boss’, was found lying in a pool of blood with more than 40 injuries.

Natalie had also suffered horrific internal injuries inflicted during sex.

The multi-millionaire businessman was initially charged with murder but he claimed he had only hurt her “within the boundaries of her masochistic desires.”

Part-way through his trial Broadhurst admitted manslaughter on the basis of gross negligence and he was cleared of murder and GBH.

John Broadhurst’s “rough sex” excuse - which saw the 42-year-old sentenced to three years and eight months for manslaughter by gross negligence - led to the legal defence being outlawed in 2020.

His sentence was blasted as "unduly lenient" by Natalie's family, MPs from all parties and women's rights campaigners.

Leading the campaign was Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier, who recently revealed Broadhurst was to be released within weeks.

He told the Express and Star that he had learned Broadhurst was due to be released and would therefore be seeking more information about the terms of the release.

He said: “There is no justice in this. There never has been for Natalie. She was deprived of her life and of her reputation by this man and he got 18 months for it.

“Natalie Connolly was not someone who was into rough sex. This was Broadhurst using it. She was a just a fairly normal, fun-loving mother who, like most people, wanted a nice, happy relationship with someone she loved.”

Broadhurst is set to be released this month.