HOMES in Hereford are the least likely to be invaded by spiders in the country as the eight legged beasties seek out warm and dry places to survive the coming winter, says home-buying company

After recent news giant house spiders ‘the size of your hand’ will be invading homes across the UK this autumn, and in the build-up to Halloween, wanted to look into the spiders and their allies that could invade our homes and which part of the UK is most likely to be hit the hardest.

To do this, SellHouseFast compiled a list of UK cities and utilised the ‘Explore Your Area’ tool on NBN Atlas to find out how many species of spiders (and allies) were recorded in 67 cities in the UK.

The city most in danger of having homes invaded by spiders, according to their data, is Leicester, with 228 different species recorded.

Following shortly behind is the city of St Davids in Wales, with 209 different spiders (and allies) species recorded. In third place is Swansea, with 196 recorded.

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In fourth place is Westminster, with 183 different spider species recorded, and in fifth place is the City of London, with 178 recorded, while the city of Norwich is sixth, with 168 species of spiders and allies recorded, seventh is Canterbury, with 162, and in eighth place is St Asaph with 142 recorded.

In ninth place is Chester, with 118 species of spider and allies recorded, and in tenth place is the city of Gloucester with 108 recorded.

The city least likely to have their homes invaded by creepy crawlies is the city of Hereford, with only 3 species of spiders and allies currently recorded.

The second city least likely to have their homes invaded is Dundee, with only 4 recorded species. In third place is Preston, with only 9 currently recorded.