GREEN-FINGERED Ledbury youngster, Abi Smith has been extra busy in her spare time during the Covid crisis, growing vegetables for good causes.

Not only has the Ledbury Primary pupil made her fifth delivery of fresh produce to St Michael’s Hospice, last weekend, she also donated her allotment-grown vegetables to Leadon Bank residential home, off Orchard Lane.

Her proud mum, Tanya said: “She has a very big heart and we are totally proud of her love for others. Abi has been lucky this year; our allotment at Gorsley has kindly given her a whole plot to grow her vegetables for the Hospice.

“With lockdown, Abi has worked really hard on the plot it need lots of work and love. She took all the weeds away lots of clearing. She devoted her time to get ready to plant. She achieved this mostly by herself as she says she the boss!Abi has had a busy weekend delivering her lovely fresh vegetables.”

Abi has been growing a donating vegetables for several years, but this challenging year has been her most hectic yet.

In another development, a member of the public was so touched with Abi’s efforts she donated the use of her greenhouse for Abi, aged ten, to use her home for growing her seeds, ready to plant out in the allotment.

Her Mum added: “Abi always puts others before herself. Abi has grown lots of lovely vegetables and she has made five deliveries to St Michael’s Hospice.

“Last weekend, Abi worked really hard getting lovely fresh vegetables ready. Abi also wanted to donate a box of her produce to ledbury Leadon Bank; and she made a delivery to the Hospice.”

In addition, with Halloween coming, Abi will once again display pumpkins in the Raft clothing shop window in Ledbury. In return, Abi is asking for donations for the Hospice.