I would like to prepare the people of Herefordshire, and indeed the UK, to get ready for schools and nurseries closing – forever.

Given that the Hereford nursery reported on in last week’s edition was forced to close due to one seemingly asymptomatic child testing positive, it is very clear that a zero Covid policy is being put in place.

As we all know, children do not die of the virus and generally nor do their parents, given they are between 30 and 45 years old.

This age group has more chance of being struck by lightning than dying with Covid.

It is a fact that this virus, although it can be nasty, generally does not kill those in economically active age groups, yet we insist on destroying our mental wellbeing and our economy because of it.

Further, a positive test for Covid-19 is not a “case” until the sufferer develops symptoms. This is partly the reason why so many “cases” are being trumpeted but very few deaths in comparison.

The PCR tests are hyper-sensitive and can effectively detect your entire history of viruses so are not even an accurate way of testing, particularly when basing the entire economic and health policy of a nation on them.

I urge your readers to search for Kary Mullis online, the inventor of PCR tests and Nobel Prize winner who recognised this fact.

I trust the people of Herefordshire are all behind this and ready for this continued chaos and disruption?

That is to say if one child tests positive an entire school or nursery will shut down for two weeks and everybody in the place go into self isolation?

Parents struggling to find childcare and potentially losing their jobs in the process?

More stress, anxiety and worry, all major causes of general ill health? So to be clear, that’s ostensibly no schools or nurseries open ever again, as you will simply not get down to zero Covid.

Like flu we have to learn to live with this virus and are doing so now with an infinitesimally small number of deaths.

Funnily enough, deaths from pneumonia are at an all-time low. I wonder why?

I think it is fair to say that most sensibly minded people now choose to shun the mainstream media and the BBC, and are waking up to the fact that the hysterical over-reaction to this virus is simply not stacking up.

We are effectively burning the house down to kill a fly.

Matt Hancock last week, our stupendous health secretary, announced Covid patients would be given priority over cancer patients.

How he kept a straight face whilst announcing that and slept that evening will be forever beyond me.

The survival rates for cancer are far lower than Covid-19, which 99.6 per cent of us recover from, yet we all know someone who has died or is suffering from cancer to a terminal level.

Boris talked of the ‘great reset’ last week. The only great reset that is required is of the egregious political class, not only in this country but worldwide.

May I draw readers’ attention to an alternative source of facts and science, most of which will never be covered by the BBC.

There are literally thousands of dissenting scientists all over the world who are never even approached for interview.

All of these can be found on the Lockdown Sceptics website which is written and edited by Toby Young, who currently writes for the Telegraph and the Spectator.

If anyone reads a few editions of this and still concurs with the government’s approach then there is something very, very wrong with the world and we are likely all beyond saving.

We must make our reaction proportionate to the problem. Right now it is not and we are reaching the point of no return.

Fiona Thomas

Do you agree? @letters@herefordtimes.com