FEELING peckish?

Shoppers with a sweet tooth will be delighted by a new shop in the Butter Market, Hereford.

DivineDonuts opened just seven days ago, but is already a hit with customers.

It describes itself as an "independent donut shop selling the most heavenly hand-made and hand-crafted donuts you’ll find."

Today it sold out (and that's not the first time)!

Ledbury Reporter: DivineDonuts has opened in the Butter Market, Hereford. Picture: DivineDonutsDivineDonuts has opened in the Butter Market, Hereford. Picture: DivineDonuts

In a post on its Facebook page the shop said: "Sorry if anyone missed out. It’s been crazy today, and we’ve sold over 1,500 donuts."


One fan, Claire Curry, was certainly won over. She said in a post: "Just to say two words: totally amazing.

"We are up on holiday and just walked past the lady doing them. She gave one to Steve to try. We are just totally gutted we don't live closer."

The Butter Market has undergone a major transformation over the last couple of years.

After years of decline, the iconic city centre building is enjoying a new lease of life, and is once again filled with independent stalls selling a wide variety of produce. Read more.

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