WORK to repair the roof at a Herefordshire leisure centre has been delayed further, but should finally be getting underway within the next month.

Halo Leisure's centre in Bromyard has been shut since March, first due to the coronavirus pandemic, but was then unable to reopen due to a leaking roof.

Halo has previously said this was due to vandalism, and water getting into the building had caused damage.

At a full meeting of Bromyard and Winslow Town Council on Monday evening, ward councillor Nigel Shaw said work should be getting underway within the next three weeks. This is after a delay in contractor appointing sub-contractors.

"You'll have seen if you walk past the door that there's a notice, e.g. Carter's have been appointed by the insurers," he said.

"They're a company from Gloucester, they're doing work on the Halo centre in Hereford as well.

"They've been appointed and I've spoken to their on-site foreman and pointed out to them in writing through the Herefordshire manager that they've got block gutters and some rather unappealing, peeling paint.

"I suggested Halo might take advantage of having contractors on site and getting them to attend to those matters as well. Hopefully that will be done.

"There has been unfortunately yet a further delay when sub-contractors' quotes have had to be retendered by the insurer, but my latest information is that roof work should be commencing in three weeks' time.

"They're already working on the drying out of the interior and coping with temporary electrical works. There is still hope for the roof works to be completed by Christmas."

Councillor David James questioned why a local contractor from Herefordshire had not been appointed, but Coun Shaw replied this was the decision of the insurance company and not Herefordshire Council.

Coun Shaw was also asked about whether the library could be reopened elsewhere, as it's currently located at the leisure centre.

He said he would look into whether Herefordshire Council's mobile library, used for schools, could be used. But the town's mayor Coun Suzette Brunsdon said this had been discussed before and it would not be possible due to the mobile library not being Covid-secure.

Coun Brunsdon added she thought the Conquest Theatre was being considered as an alternative site for the library in the meantime.

Coun Shaw said he follow it up with the head of the library service.