Money and finance expert Martin Lewis has shared an important update about the government's furlough scheme.

Here's everything you need to know.

What have the government done?

During an address to the nation on October 31, the day the furlough scheme was set to end, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that furlough would be extended by a month.

The Job Support Scheme, which was set to begin on November 1, has now been postponed until furlough ends.

Following the latest announcement by the Prime Minister, the furlough scheme will now run until December 2. 

What about those on furlough?

Employees on furlough will continue to get 80 per cent of their salary. That 80 per cent will be paid by the state - which mirrors the state's contribution in August.

As a result, employers won't need to contribute to employees wages for the time they spend furloughed and only need to cover pension and national insurance contributions. 

Across the UK, employers can use the scheme – even if they haven't done so before. The furlough scheme is open to small or large employers, and those which are charitable or not-for-profit. 

What has Martin Lewis said about the scheme?

The finance expert took to Twitter to share an update with his followers on Tuesday, November 3.

Martin tweeted: "CONFIRMED: If you've been made redundant, you can be rehired and furloughed by your employer if you were employed as of 23 Sept, and on the payroll on or before 30 Oct.

"It won't work for many, but many be worth asking for some."

Martin's MoneySavingExpert site shared further information about furlough.

The website added: "You WILL be able to work part-time while on furlough, as now. Your employer can either put you on furlough full time, or you'll be able to work part-time and be furloughed for the hours you don't work.

"Presumably your employer will have to cover your wages at the normal rate for any hours you do work – we are checking this with the Treasury.

"Employees on all types of contract can take part. We're assuming this means that eligibility will be the same as furlough, so those on zero-hours contracts and fixed-term contracts, as well as agency workers, will be included – though again, we're checking the details with the Treasury."