A resident of Ledbury Nursing Home has celebrated her 105th birthday with a virtual birthday bash.

Staff at the home came together and helped Gladys Patricia Tolver, also known as Pat, celebrate her birthday in her room, where she chatted to her family on Skype.

Home manager, Hayley Attwood, said: “Although her birthday was a little different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, we hope that Pat enjoyed her celebrations.

“She’s a much-loved member of the community here in Ledbury, and we were delighted to spend her 105th birthday with her.”

The 105-year-old was pleased to see her two sons, Anthony and Brian, and her daughter Maureen on video call.

At just 11, Pat’s mother died, leaving her to help care for her family. She first worked as a parlour maid.

Despite her age, she continues to enjoy many hobbies, such as reading, painting and needlework.