LEDBURY writer, Victoria Palmer has published a children's book about friendship and getting on, and the hero is an apparently angry duck.

She said: "I wrote The Angry Duck early last year and had been wondering what to do with it for a while. Amazon publishing seemed like a nice way for me to publish in my own time, while having control over the style.

"The main character - Quiss - is a happy duck who loves to sing, but the other ducks on the river mistake his loud quacking for anger. The story is all about friendship, kindness and celebrating differences instead of judging them. It’s easy to think we know someone, but it’s nicer to actually get to know them."

Victoria added: "I love writing children’s stories that promote kindness and good morals, as kids really do learn through books from a young age.

"Unfortunately, most of us experience judgement from others at some point in our lives, but I hope this story shows that, despite our differences, anyone can get on."

The illustrations were done by the Forest of Dean artist, Wayne Price.

The book is available from Amazon.co.uk.