HUNDREDS of people have been killed or seriously injured on Herefordshire's roads in the last five years, a study has revealed.

A total of 480 casualties have been reported on the county's roads between 2015 and 2019, a study looking into the UK's most dangerous roads by found.

Herefordshire's road victims included 59 pedestrians, 43 cyclists, 93 motorcyclists, and 256 cars.

Drivers, walkers, and cyclists aged between 16 and 24 made up just 92 of the victims, while 202 were aged 24 to 55, and 158 were over 55.

A total of 26 children under 16 were killed or seriously injured on Herefordshire's roads during the period.

The data also showed which are the most dangerous roads in the county, with three people killed or seriously injured in one-way streets, 26 on dual carriageways, and 437 on single carriageway roads.

Herefordshire's T-junctions were found to be accident blackspots, with 93 of the crashes taking place at the junctions, while 38 happened at crossroads in the county, 21 on roundabouts, six at private driveways, and four on slip-roads.

But Herefordshire's numbers were far lower than many areas.

The study, which analysed data from the Department for Transport, looked at the 131,369 deaths and serious injuries which took place on UK roads between 2015 and 2019, split out by local authority area.

The 5 areas with the highest numbers of casualties were Kent, with 3,844 casualties, Essex, with 3,770 casualties, Hampshire with 3,561 casualties, Surrey, with 3,445 casualties, and Lancashire, with 3,375 casualties.