If you need a test for Covid, Hereford is increasingly the place to be, because the city now has two mobile units in operation.

A mobile unit has been moved from Ross, while there are no plans at present to bring a mobile unit to Ledbury, despite earlier official indications that this was on the cards.

A second mobile Covid-19 testing centre for Hereford is now operating on the Halo Hereford Leisure Pool car park, St Martin’s Avenue, due to a rise in cases in the south of the city.

Herefordshire’s first Covid-19 testing site at Merton Meadow car park, Hereford, will remains open.

Herefordshire Council’s Director of Public Health Karen Wright said: “The number of covid cases in south Hereford has risen significantly in recent days and it is important local residents have easy access to testing.

“This unit was originally located in Ross-on-Wye at the end of October due to a rise in covid cases there. But it became clear in recent days that extra testing capacity was needed in Hereford."

“The advantage of using mobile testing units is that we can move them when required to specific locations where we see an increase in cases."