A HEREFORD man has been jailed for more than five years after he attacked his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend at a funeral wake.

Duncan John Winston Goodfield, 33, hit Dale Woodward over the head with a pint glass before punching him three or four times, Worcester Crown Court was told.

During sentencing on Friday, prosecuting barrister John Brotherton said the attack on September 7, 2018, left the victim with a two-and-a-half centimetre cut on the side of his head, which needed three staples.

In a victim statement from 2019, Mr Woodward said he was suffering stress and anxiety, including panic attacks, and feared something similar might happen again when he went out.

He had to give up his college course at Herefordshire and Ludlow College as he was suffering from headaches as a result of the attack.

Mr Brotherton accepted there were no serious injuries caused, and it was not sustained or repeated, but did involve a weapon.

He said Goodfield also had previously being convicted of violence offences, but nothing as serious as this.

Robert Morgan-Jones, for Goodfield, said the victim statement was out-of-date and did not provide evidence of any long-term injuries.

He said that Goodfield, who has since made progress on turning his life around, had approached the victim where a comment was made. It was then Goodfield reacted hit Woodward.

Summing up, Judge Martin Jackson said the incident happened at a funeral wake at De Koffie Pot, next to the river Wye in Hereford.

He said Goodfield had seen Woodward in the courtyard. He then went over to Woodward as at the time he was in a relationship with Goodfield's ex-girlfriend Zoe Lindsay.

The judge said Goodfield, who is now back with Miss Lindsay and has a child with her, approached Woodward to "smooth things over", but the victim said his approach was "less than friendly".

He said there were conflicting accounts of what caused Goodfield to "see red", but he then hit out.

The judge accepted Goodfield had started to turn his life around by addressing his alcohol and drug use, but he could not get away from the fact it was a serious offence.

Goodfield, who had pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and was found guilty by jury of wounding with intent, was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison and must also pay a surcharge.