WEST Mercia police have launched a campaign to tackle incidents of domestic abuse over Christmas.

DCI Jon Roberts from the Vulnerability and Safeguarding team said "Although Christmas is a joyous time for many of us it can be an extremely stressful time for others. This heightened level of stress can cause tempers and frustrations to become more apparent and can lead to incidents of both emotional and physical abuse.

“We work to tackle domestic abuse all year round but with the events of this year now coming to a head over the Christmas period it is now more important than ever to look out for your friends and family. Are they becoming more distant, do they bruises or marks they can’t explain? Perhaps they just aren’t talking to you as much as they used to. Although these signs might not be anything to worry about it is always best to check. Changes in behaviour can be early warnings for serious domestic abuse."

DCI Roberts added: “If your friend or family member does not feel comfortable coming to us directly there are other options for them and you to consider using. There are numerous charities and helplines they can contact to get the support they need but please be assured that we are here for you, despite the pandemic, Christmas time or anything else going on the police are always here to help you.”

The domestic abuse area of the campaign will be shared through our social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook.