LEDBURY Town Council has distanced itself from a decision to install a new door in the Barrett Browning Institute.

The modern door, which will offer disabled access off the Homend, has been in installed by the building’s owners, Ledbury Places.

The idea is that the revamped Grade II listed building can be a new base for the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

But a town council statement issued by town clerk, Angela Price said: “There has been considerable discussion about the new door. Much has been unfairly aimed at Ledbury Town Council. The plans for the new door were first considered in 2016, with a further application with some amendments being received in January 2020. Many of the town councillors now serving were not in office at the time of the original application and when considering the amended plans earlier this year, these did not include any amendments to the already agreed plans for the new door."

Final planning decisions are taken by Herefordshire Council, but the town council can advise or make recommendations.