THE issue of whether or not to install a lift in Ledbury’s iconic building, the Market House, is dividing opinion for the third time in less than two decades.

After a heated debate on social media this month, Ledbury Town Council, which owns the building, has taken the measure of denying that any decision either way has been decided.

Town Clerk, Angie Price, in a statement on behalf of the town council, said: “We note the passion of the town in respect of the idea of a lift being installed in the Market House.

“To date there have been no formal discussions on this issue nor has any work been confirmed.”

She added: “We would like to reassure the people of Ledbury that full consultation would always form part of any future works to the Market House.”

The issue has been a hot topic before. In 2003, the town council decided against a lift and sought legal opinions on the consequences of its agreed policy of doing nothing in the face of the incoming disability access laws, which required disabled access to public buildings.

In 2014, the Ledbury Places Group and the Civic Society suggested a lift should be installed in the Grade I listed building, which dates back to 1617. But this was again resisted by the town council.

Posting on the Voice of Ledbury Facbook site over the recent , Andrea McLean said: “Rather than saying ‘there’s a beautiful building let’s not change it’ better to say, ‘there’s a beautiful building, let’s make it for everyone’.”

But Andrew Thomas said: “There are some buildings where disabled access is impossible, therefore public meetings should be held elsewhere. Historic buildings were often built for smaller people and the floors are uneven and doorways are narrower.”

Lynn Maddocks said the cost of installing a lift in the building would “astronomical.