I AM writing to you to express my concern about the inability of Arriva the Shire and Essex' in the High Wycombe area, to be able to organise their buses to run according to the timetable.

I am a frequent traveller on buses in the area, using them to travel to and from work and for leisure purposes. However it is quite regular for timetabled buses to either not run or to run ahead of their timetable. I have two recent examples where I have tried to use the bus, but due to them either not running or running ahead of schedule I have had to pay £15 for taxis instead:

1. Route 32 was due to pass by High Wycombe cinema at 23:20 on Friday November 23. However, having arrived at the bus stop by 2315, we waited until 23:30 and the bus had not arrived.

2. Bus route 32 was due to depart from High Wycombe Eden Bus Station at 09:02 on Saturday November 24. However, I arrived at the bus station at 08:58 and waited until 09:45, and the bus did not arrive. When I questioned the Arriva supervisor he was extremely unhelpful.

This is a regular problem and is costing me a lot of money in unwanted taxi fares. I hope you can help me ensure these buses run on time (if they run at all).

Jamie Scott, Mendip Way, High Wycombe