LEDBURY'S answer to Captain Tom, nine year old George Pritchard, has now raised over £500 for Ledbury Food Bank, through sponsored circuits of his house.

George, an Ashperton Primary pupil, made the circuits on his new bike, and the donations have kept rolling in.

The Ledbury Reporter carried a story when his grand total was £230, but Martin Ham of Ledbury Food Bank said: "When the news of his achievements got out another £275 rolled in from people in London, and all over the country."

George's mother Jayne added that "the phone just kept ringing”.

Mr Ham said: "On Tuesday George came with family, mother and father, Jayne and Ian, brother Max and great aunt Georgina, into the Ledbury Food Bank with the proceeds of his own fundraising – over £500! George had an idea and he cycled round his home 200 sponsored times on the new bike he had been given for his birthday. George said he rode as fast as he could as it was very cold!

“It was George’s idea and it was George's achievement and we are so grateful to him for the money. I think that I am safe in saying George is the youngest person to have raised anywhere near the amount we have received today. In these difficult times, the local population and people like George have ensured that we always have enough food for those who need it”.