LEDBURY Health Partnership launched into the next phase of its Covid clinics this week.

The partnership has received three batches of vaccinations in the form of two vials of Pfizer and one vial of Oxford Astrazeneca.

A spokesman said: “This will allow us to start administering these vaccinations over the next two weeks, moving to Cohort 6: Adults aged 16 to 65 in an at risk group. This cohort is for those patients who have an underlying health condition who would normally receive an invitation to have an annual influenza vaccination."

Ledbury Reporter, Gary Bills-Geddes, was one of the people getting a jab on Tuesday evening, because he has some underlying health conditions.

He said: “Honestly, the experience left me proud of the NHS and the local community - not that I wasn’t proud already! It went like clockwork at the Community Hall - no big queues and no confusion at all.

“I went to the main door shortly before the time I was given, and volunteers took my name, asked me a few necessary questions, then ushered me in. A doctor then asked me a few more medical questions, before I was given the Pfizer jab. Volunteers were out in strength, in yellow NHS jackets., doing a splendid job.”

He added: “One big task was giving people timers, because you have to wait for 15 minutes after the jab to ensure there are no ill effects. Seating is arranged for social distancing, and each seat is wiped by volunteers after use.

“Once the timer rings, you can leave by a back door - to ensure people coming in don’t bump into people leaving.”

You are given a little card, to show you’ve had one jab, and you have to retain this so you can get a stamp for the second jab too - which will happen in about 12 weeks time. You are also given a leaflet about the jab, which contains advice about possible side-effects. I did get a slightly sore arm, and a very mild temperature afterwards. But these are common side-effects, and I wasn’t worried one bit.”