As a keen cyclist I have toured several parts of the Netherlands where have been impressed with their system of cycle routes. However, these, in the most part, have

been added alongside the existing road system or built at the same time. In Hereford, unless the Council fund a major program of building demolition, they can only install cycle lanes by using existing road space. 


The existing road space is already frequently gridlocked. Herefordshire Council can only free up road space by removing vehicles that don’t need to be there. Yes,

they may persuade a few motorists working in the City to come in by electric bus, or cycle (on a dry day in Summer) but the biggest gain they could have made was taking away the through traffic, much of it commercial vehicles, by providing the much-need bypass.

Also, it is not safe to install a cycle lane inches away from a lane full of thundering juggernauts. I know from experience it is a dangerous and terrifying experience.


Cycling is not an alternative to a bypass. A bypass would have facilitated more and SAFER cycling. What a lost opportunity!


Di Evans

Ross on Wye