It is reassuring that ward councillor John Hardwick has continually expressed his concerns over the delays to these works.

In my view, it is not for Councillor John Harrington to make this apology. The buck stops at the doors of senior management and the director responsible for highways and transportation.

Balfour Beatty and WSP cannot be solely to blame.

Herefordshire Council should also look closely internally at their own organisation.

Most likely, the officers concerned with this project have not kept abreast of the situation. Decent and effective project management is long overdue.

Bill Wiggin MP ‘proudly’ made a statement that he had secured central government funding for these repairs, which later the council was told was not the case.

It seems that Mr Wiggin is also out of touch with local community affairs.

The council has wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on past projects, major projects that have eventually been cancelled.

It has overspent considerably on new road schemes, refurbishment of offices in Plough Lane, Blue School Street, etc, etc.

This was money that could have been better spent on repairing our roads and infrastructure. Giving rise to another 5 per cent increase in council tax this year.

The highways in this county are in a disgusting and dangerous condition for all modes of transport and pedestrians alike.

I now believe that Herefordshire should officially be classed as a Third World county thanks to the failings of the council.

Michael Gullis

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