COVID testing at the John Masefield High School identified one positive case for a student, in the first week back to class.
Headteacher, Andrew Evans said: “There has been one positive test so far, for a Year 12 student and we were able to rapidly identify close contacts so that they could self-isolate.
“Classrooms were deep cleaned and parents of close contacts
were notified and they collected their child quickly.”
He added: COVID-19 testing has been working well with students testing themselves in supervised conditions carefully and
 All students at the High School completed their third test for Covid by Monday (March 15).
Mr Evans added: “I congratulate all students and staff on an excellent return to school and to thank all parents and carers
for playing their part in ensuring such a smooth start. All  students are wearing masks in lessons as required, and students have made an excellent start with their learning in class.”