With reference to Carmelo Garcia's article (Hereford Times, March 4) lack of access to continuing care funding.

This is nothing new to me. My late dear wife was quadriplegic and seriously epileptic, but we were told in 2004 that she did not meet the criteria for continung care funding by the NHS.

This I appealed: dozens of letters, review panel at our home by a Coventry panel. They then decided she did meet criteria, but no apology and we were still without care for a further two years and nine months as a suitable care agency could not be found. Staff not trained enough to look after my wife.


Then again in 2015, care agencies would not take on the care of my wife, so we were left again with no care provision for over two years.

I took the matter up with the Parliamentary Ombudsman who awarded reimbursement of the amount I had spent from my small pension and I received this amount just in time to pay for my dear wife's funeral in April 2018.

You can see from the above mentioned that this lack of continuing care funding has been going on in Herefordshire for many years.

The system is so drawn out and the people operating do not understand what effect all the stress has on the family and carers involved.

It needs changing now, before any more disabled people and the families have to suffer the total mental strain they inflict.

A W Legerton

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